Thursday, January 01, 2009

A new day.

Last night I had a dream that I was caught in water with waves higher and fiercer than you can imagine. My instinct was to fight the waves, but I quickly realized that in order to survive I actually had to allow myself to go with the flow of the waves. Sometimes this meant my head bobbing under and swallowing some water, but other times it meant riding forward with great momentum and ease. I awoke thinking that this couldn’t be a better metaphor for my life and the new year at hand. And so on this first day of January, I am resolving to not only be more open to ebbs and flows and spontaneity, but also to allow myself to engage in the world around me. The goal no longer being to navigate the road so well as to avoid any possible bumps or bruises, but to simply take things as they come. Some challenges will inevitably need to be navigated, but all the while there will be experiences. It will no longer feel as though I am watching things happen around me, as I will be too busy participating to notice. When I was younger, I loved the expression, “Enlarge. Enliven. Enlighten.” And so this year, I vow not only to do just that, but most importantly to ENGAGE. As a part of this engagement I would like to try to incorporate the following things:

*Enjoy more spaces in the new house. Especially my nook, the front porch and the outside in general.
*Let each day have choices instead of just routines.
*Notice and think about how I am feeling and why.
*Read more. Write more. Allow yourself to engage in these activities and see what happens.
*Savor the possibility of anything.
*Allow those around me to live their lives the way they want to- even if it isn’t how I would do it.
*Let go.

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