Monday, April 24, 2006

The movies, the tv and the billboards
Are all telling me that there is a better life out there
That with a little more money, a little more beauty
And a carefree attitude of caring
About what everyone else thinks
It can be all smiles and laughs
And risks that never go wrong.

I am good at my job,
But just can’t figure out if my job is good at me.
And so the days pass and the sun rises and sets
And it all just stays the same and there is no wonder
Of what the day will hold or how it will turn out
Just a prediction of monotony
That comes true every day.

But the changes are calculated and the doubts are deferred.
Because who knows if it is my heart or my head
Or just the confusion of me versus the media
Or me versus me where there can only be a tie
And the battle wages on.

And so my mind lets go and wanders into the void
And my body operates on auto pilot
And no one knows any different, or senses the loss
Except that small little voice deep down inside
Who wonders how I can keep letting things go on like this.