Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Reminder.

"These are the days to remember for they will not last forever."

The last month has been a rocky road to say the least. I have been in and out of the hospital four times and each time I come home I am reminded of all of the little luxuries I have on a daily basis:

-being in the comfort of my own bed
-the sunny, bright and cheery rooms
-my dog sleeping at my feet
-not being hooked up to monitors ad tethered to machines
-being able to use the bathroom
-choosing whatever foods I would like to eat

But I have still been confined to a bed during this time which is surprisingly difficult to withstand. So a month or two from now, when you are back up and about and feel like yourself again, don't forget to marvel at all the things you are now longing to do:

-go outside. Feel the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair. Take long exhales of all of that fresh air.
-exercise. Walk. Move your body. Stretch your legs and leave behind all the hip soreness from laying in bed all this time.
-take a long hot shower---standing up!! Pamper yourself so you feel good.
-take a bath. Soak and relax. Exhale.
-enjoy all the rooms of the house and the front porch. Enjoy the variety.
-eat sitting up. Who knew that could be such a luxury??
-do it yourself! Be able to get what you need without constantly feeling like a burden on someone else.
-laugh. A lot. Without it hurting.