Saturday, March 12, 2005

Not so easy.

It turns out that what I believed to be the most annoying migraine ever, was the onset of lexapro withdrawal. This is insane. Funny how they never tell you about any of this when they are putting you ON the drugs. "Oh yeah- and by the way- this is going to be a bitch to get off of." I called my doctor yesterday- day 4 of feeling like hell- and he suggested that I go back on the lexapro and then ease off of it more slowly. Or that I stick it out with a lot of advil or aleve and hope for the best. As I enter day 5 of the head olympics I can't even imagine ingesting more of that evil drug. But I also can't imagine having to feel like this for much longer either. At least today is Saturday and I can crawl from the bed to the couch and back without having to worry too much about my lack of productivity. I can only hope that I will feel somewhat like myself again come Monday. I can barely even remember what that feels like. At this point in time- it seems like normality must feel like a little slice of heaven. With white frosting. mmmm....frosting.

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