Wednesday, September 01, 2004

And so it begins....

Every day I read other people's blogs and think to myself that it is amazing that they always have something to say. Meanwhile, I find it so easy to get caught up in the events of daily life that I don't take the time to sit back and just digest for awhile. And so I have started this blog in an effort to force myself to acknowledge all of the things happening in my life instead of just letting them pass me by. I must admit that as of late I feel as though I am just an innocent bystander- i get up, shower, eat breakfast, go to work, workout, some nights see my boyfriend and other nights just catch up on bills and reading and such banalities and then go to bed. But that is certainly not because nothing interesting is happening. Work always holds some sort of excitement as I work at a production company with other creative types. My workouts are currently training sessions for an upcoming triathlon. And my boyfriend is the kindest, most gentle and honest man that I have ever known. And so the question is: how do i become present in my life again?

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