Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I think I’ve been avoiding posting because the date of my last entry ended up being the day that my beautiful baby girl came into this world. I was on bedrest at the time, and I think I was nesting electronically. Ordering furniture and supplies online, responding to all of those e-mails I had been putting off and posting all of the feelings I had been struggling with for weeks. But it’s time. It’s a new year and it is the start of a new adventure. In reading Andrea’s description of the Word of the Year instead of resolutions, I couldn’t help but agree that this is such a simple, but effective plan. At first I was reluctant that I could settle on one word. There is so much I want to do this year- how can I possibly sum it all up in just one word? In reading Christine’s worksheet, it came to me and as it rolled through my head, I knew it was right. And so- the word of the year- is EXPERIMENT. I thought about the word Try, but that didn’t seem right. I didn’t want to try- I wanted to DO!! But I DO things all day long, every day. It isn’t about the doing in and of itself. It is about the non-routine. The doing something new and exciting. Whether it is something big and new and exciting like a new place or a new experience, or something small and new and exciting like eating something I don’t usually eat, or taking a different route or wearing something I wouldn’t normally wear. And experimenting just sounds fun. It means not doing something perfectly, but just giving it a try. Experiments aren't supposed to be perfect- they are supposed to be messy, thrilling means of discovery. It means being willing to take a chance and it may work or it may not, but that’s okay...it’s just an experiment. It means experiencing. And it means living.

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