Saturday, October 01, 2005


Sometimes the anger comes fast and furious
and I don't know why
And it wells up in me until I feel that I will surely explode
And then I hate myself for the person I have become
I can't imagine others wanting to be around me when
Even I can't stand my own presence
And everything that I want in my future
Is being erased before it even begins.

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Kyra said...

Wow. I can relate to that feeling. The unstoppable rage that pulses through your body. I deal with this as hugs me and holds me down and I am aware of it controlling me yet I feel powerless. How do we get past it? I think through awareness and acceptance and choice... I don't know though, because it doesn't completely go away. Wow! I'm babbling. Saw your wonderful photo on SuperHeroDesign site... Will definitely have to explore your blog!